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Welcome to the Department of Orthodontics where beautiful smiles are created.
The branch of Orthodontics, established in 1923, is the oldest speciality of Dentistry in the world. It has historically played and continues to play a strong leadership role by providing the research and academic direction to the profession of Dentistry. The mission of the Department of Orthodontics is to provide an Orthodontic programme of excellence in teaching, research, patient care, and professional community service for Malappuram and the nation. Located on the ground floor of the imposing College building, the Department is well known for its excellence and dedication to students and patients. Undergraduate program in Orthodontics is designed to enable the qualifying dental surgeon to diagnose, analyse and treat common Orthodontic problems by preventive, interceptive and corrective Orthodontic procedures. The Orthodontic curriculum includes various didactic and laboratory courses, as well as opportunities to gain clinical experience in the field of Orthodontics and Facial Orthopaedics. An evidence based approach to diagnosis and treatment planning is emphasized throughout the curriculum, as are the highest ethical standards. The primary purpose is the education of graduates who possess the knowledge, skills, and values to begin the practice of orthodontics as ethical practitioners committed to lifelong learning, and dedicated to fulfilling the publicís trust. The Department consists of a talented and experienced group of faculty who have dedicated their careers to the orthodontic profession. Our students come from all over India, and provide an infusion of energy and new ideas every year. Patient care programmes provide quality comprehensive care with a focus on prevention and wellness, while serving as a clinical education resource . We provide all levels of orthodontic care for all ages. Professional care is available at cost effective prices in the Undergraduate Clinic by dental students under the care and supervision of our faculty. Full orthodontic treatment is available through our Orthodontic Faculty Practice. In addition to the modern tools we use for diagnosis and treatment planning, novel treatment techniques like esthetic braces are also available. To all of you who visit us, as a patient, parent, student, or colleague, we look forward to a positive and enriching experience.

# Name Designation qualification
1Dr. Abraham ThomasProfessor
2Dr. Joju VargheseProfessor
3Dr.Susil .M.eraliReader
4Dr. ShivaprakashSr. Lecturer
5Dr. Venith Jojee Pulikottil Sr. LecturerMDS
6Dr. Mohamed Rishad Sr. Lecturer
7Dr. Shamil Mohammed Sr. Lecturer
9Dr. Lakshmi LaxmananReaderMDS
10Dr.Femin Pushpan KaryatSr.LecturerMDS
11Dr.Sanju ThomasSr.LecturerMDS
12Dr.Prason PaulSr.LecturerMDS

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